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Hi! Can you explain what being behind the vertical is? And how can I tell? Thank you!

I would love to, friend! Basically if you draw a vertical line from the horse’s forehead to the ground, your horse’s facial plate should not go behind that line. I’ve provided some images, the pink line is the vertical, the green line in the horse’s facial location.

This pony is directly on the vertical, generally that means he’s round and working from behind, while carrying himself in a way that supports his rider:

This horse is slightly in front of the vertical. Being in front of the vertical is OK, you’ll see eventers and jumpers or horses in speed events like barrel racing and flat racing with their heads further out, but you don’t want them pointing to the sky with their nose or horizontal with the ground:

This horse is slightly behind the vertical. This isn’t necessarily cruel, like rollkur is, but is still wrong and unfortunately is becoming very prominent (many people will scream about dressage here but I assure you dressage is not the only place I see it):

This is rollkur. This is completely unacceptable and cruel. Rollkur causes spinal and ligament pain, upsets the horse’s balance, restricts their sight (when on the bit they can clearly see the ground under their nose, in rollkur they see their chest), and cuts off circulation to their jaw and tongue, and cna effect their breathing. When you see a horse drooling it’s generally a sign of relaxation. When in rollkur a horse drools because their jaw is asleep and their tongue is basically stretched out, not because they are relaxed. Another clear way to see if the horse has reached “rollkur” vs. the general “behind the vertical” is that the muscles along the side of the neck will bulge like crazy. The lower the horse’s head is taken, the more weight is shifted onto his front end. Put them fully into rollkur and you’ve made it nearly impossible for him to actually collect himself and use his hind end - which is basically what you’re asking him to do. Pretty counter-productive:

I hope this helps, anon! Let me know if you’ve got any other questions and if anyone has something to add feel free to comment or message me.

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I’m going through all 7100 posts and deleting ones I don’t want based on my current standards and knowledge.

This means no debates, no horses behind the vertical, no excessive tack (some horses need more than others but there is a line), no gaping mouths, no low-quality photos - so badly lit or out of focus or poorly composed shots will be deleted, most gifs, no super old promos, no unneeded text posts. 

Basically I’m removing drama, and if I wouldn’t reblog it now, I’m deleting it. I’ve decided to be a drama free blog with unwavering quality so wish me luck going through all of these x.x

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